Tips For Caring For Skateboards Let Not Be Injured Easily

Not a few children who play kids longboard because they are so fond of this game. Even though skateboarding has gone a long way, this activity is still considered a dangerous sport. Riders, especially children, are always recommended to wear knee protectors, elbow protectors, helmets, and anti-slip shoes. The equipment was only to soften the effects of falling, not to provide total protection.

Caring for a skateboard can also prevent accidents that cause injury to the user. Here are five easy tips for keeping your skateboard board fit.

1 Deck
Deck boards are the parts that are most often experienced things, such as bumping, being trampled hard, and slammed. There are times when you have to change your skateboard deck. To avoid not replacing the skateboard too often, give careful care to ensure your skateboard deck is always dry. When wet, dry it as soon as possible. The wooden deck will wavy when it enters the water and over time will cause cracks and eventually break. If the deck is cracked, it’s time to replace it.

2 Antigesek Coating / Grip Tape
Always pay attention to the condition of the anti-slip coating on your skateboard. Certainly, the condition of splinters and even dust is the best. You can use a stiff brush to get rid of dust and dirt that sticks to this part of the coating. You can also use gentle detergent and water as long as you remember to dry immediately after cleaning.

3 Connections with wheels
Sometimes when there is a serious accident, the board can be separated from the wheels. Check all nuts and bolts to make sure they are tightly bound. But also be careful not to rotate too strongly. Tighten the nuts and bolts so that you cannot turn again with normal power then stop. Also, make sure to check the rubber pads and swivel hinges. This section includes those that often experience collisions so that it might be replaced frequently.

4 Wheels and Shafts
The axle or axle must be cleaned or even replaced if the wheel cannot move freely. Some types of shafts can be removed and cleaned, while other types must be replaced immediately. You should check which skateboard output you are to find out which products are recommended.

5 Lubricants
Routinely check all moving connections on your skateboard and make sure they can move freely but not loose. If not, lubricate the part. Without lubricating, the shaft and hinges will wear out quickly. Be sure to use a special skateboard lubricant. Some lubricants sometimes catch dirt, so also routinely check the cleanliness of your skateboard.

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