Equipment That You Must Use And Wear When Playing Skateboard Or Longboard

Skateboarding is an extreme sport that uses a skateboard as its main tool. The tricks in it have a difficulty level and are quite dangerous. No wonder this adrenaline-boosting sport is in great demand by men and is popular among young people who love challenges. Besides skateboarding, people also know the term longboarding. Generally, the board size for longboarding is longer and the path used is also different. There is a type of mini longboard that is very suitable for children and can be a fun sport for them, read this article.

In addition to the courage, expertise, and perseverance needed to master the tricks of skateboarding, a beginner and pro skater must also pay attention to his safety. Even though you are already good enough to do cool actions and conquer dangerous tricks, you should also wear the following mandatory equipment.

Who says skateboarding or slides which are the main items have no role in minimizing accidents when playing? The right choice of the skateboard will actually make you comfortable sliding on it. Choose a skateboard with a short deck to make it easier to handle. If you are comfortable, you can automatically control the speed of the board without having to feel afraid anymore.

Not only soccer and basketball have special shoes, but skateboarding also has special shoes. The question is, why use special skates? Though just standing on a board and putting your feet on the ground.

Although it looks trivial, the use of skate shoes can help reduce the risk of injury when playing skateboard. Specially designed shoes with a flat, large base so they can step on the skateboard well. The material used is thicker than ordinary shoes. This aims to protect the feet from an injury such as falls and sprains.

Safe helmet
The use of helmets when playing skateboarding is still common in some areas. Though using a helmet when playing skateboard is very important for safety. Helmets can protect your head in the event of a collision. But keep in mind also, choose and use a helmet in accordance with good standards.

Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, Wrist Guards
Elbow protectors, knee protectors, and wrist protectors become protective complement when playing skateboard. In addition, using protective equipment will increase confidence when playing or learning new tricks that are more challenging.

That’s the equipment that you must have as a skater. Because this sport is included in extreme sports, safety first is mandatory! Although using protective equipment does not mean guaranteed to avoid accidents when playing, but can reduce injury when falling during play.