Bee’s Royal Jelly Is A Useful Beauty Product

The benefits of royal jelly for the face need to be known. Because many cosmetics companies that discuss the benefits of royal jelly for facial skin. Queen Cleopatra was in the spotlight because of her smooth and good skin, because she consumed royal jelly. Actually royal jelly is not only beneficial for facial skin but also very beneficial for the health of the human body. Due to their usefulness, people respect bees so much. Therefore, if you want your kids to respect and love bees too, you can decorate their parties with

Royal jelly is known as a liquid produced by worker bees which will then be consumed by the queen bee and its larvae. 70 percent of the content in royal jelly is water and the remaining protein, amino acids, vitamin B complex, acetylcholine, sugar fructose, glucose sugar, enzymes, potassium, calcium, sodium, zinc, iron, copper, and manganese. Royal jelly is also often referred to as bee milk. The price is quite expensive but the benefits of royal jelly for the face are indeed many.

However, the benefits of royal jelly for the face can be felt in various ways. It can be consumed directly or dissolved in water. Then made into a scrub, by mixing royal jelly with lemon water and sugar. You can also apply it to your skin directly. And the latter can also be used as a face mask by adding egg white and yogurt.

The benefits of royal jelly for the face and health are indeed very trusted by the public. But actually there is not much evidence to support that consuming royal jelly has various benefits for the human body. These benefits still need to be further investigated. And if you want to consume or use royal jelly, it is highly recommended to consult with your doctor first.

Royal jelly is believed to be able to prevent facial aging. It prevents wrinkles and fine lines caused by aging. It also makes skin elasticity more awake. This is due to vitamin B1 (thiamine) contained in royal jelly.

Vitamin B1 takes the role of an antioxidant which helps improve blood circulation to make it smoother. This makes skin cells will regenerate so that it can make the skin look younger and healthier.