Psychologists Believe That Possession Is Not Caused By Spirits Or Ghosts

The possession case is not new in the world, especially in developing countries. There is debate among many experts about being possessed. Is it true that possession is caused by spirits or is it because of something else? However, if you truly believe that your possession case is caused by demons or evil spirits, we recommend you go to reiki toronto.

According to belief or also according to religion, a person possessed because there is a figure who entered the body and controlled it. Not a few people who possessed can speak inconsequentially and act strangely.

A psychologist named Susan Blackmore said that people who live in religious environments will more easily associate this with the existence of spirits or invisible forces.

Blackmore stated that the possession only happens to religious people or those who simply believe the existence of spirits or demons.

Not a few appearances that appear and say the assumption that a strange behavior called possession is a disturbance of spirits is a wrong thought.

According to some experts, the act of possessing arises because a person has a strong belief in religion and beliefs, and he has great powers of suggestion and psychology.

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