How Often Should Men Ejaculate?

Not infrequently the men feel less confident with ejaculation problems. Many men also want to increase sperm volume to get their satisfaction during sexual intercourse. An ejaculation is a form of orgasm for men. Not only to, but ejaculation is also known to have a good impact on body health. Are there rules about how often men should ejaculate?

Ejaculation occurs when a man climaxes during sexual intercourse or masturbation. This condition is characterized by a discharge from the penis called semen. In this fluid, there are sperm cells.

How Often Should Men Ejaculate?

There is a study that states that men need to ejaculate 21 times a month. This study also mentioned that ejaculation in these frequencies reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

Even so, the statement still needs to be studied further to prove its truth. The reason, this study only depends on survey data reported by the participants themselves. There are also no specific data on how ejaculation occurs, whether from sexual intercourse or masturbation.

Other studies conducted previously and with the same method also did not show any significant effect between frequent ejaculation with prostate cancer.

There are no definite rules about how often men should ejaculate every month. How often men ejaculate can be different. This depends on your age and health condition.

So, you can ejaculate at will and as comfortable as you. If you feel better after ejaculation, you can continue. But if not, you may need to give some time before ejaculation again, both from sex and masturbation.

You do not need to worry about running out of semen if you ejaculate too often. Because about 1,500 sperm cells are produced every second. If counted in a day, of course, the amount could reach millions. However, sperm takes about 64 days to fully mature.

On the other hand, rarely ejaculation also does not have any impact on health or sexual arousal. Sperm that are not used will be reabsorbed by the body or released through wet dreams at night.

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