Here Are 4 Ways To Increase Endurance That You Can Try

Most people are born with a good immune system. But some people have weakened immune systems, such as those suffering from cancer and undergoing chemotherapy, or suffering from HIV and AIDS. So they need a multivitamin to enhance their immunity compare it.

If one of them, you must be active to find ways to increase body power to minimize the risk of infection in your body.

The right way to increase endurance is weak
You who have a low immune system can practice a variety of ways to increase endurance. These steps aim to increase opportunities for you to stay healthy in the long run and avoid various health problems. What are the ways?

1. Maintain cleanliness
The main way to increase endurance is to always maintain personal hygiene. For example in the skin which is the outermost layer of the body. You must always keep it clean so that molds or germs that used to live and stick to the skin do not come into the body, for example with the food you consume.

One of the easiest steps to maintaining cleanliness is to always wash your hands using clean running water and soap. For example, before you eat, process food, cook, and after going to the toilet.

Washing your hands thoroughly before eating can reduce the chance of up to 58% in someone with a low immune system to get diarrhea.

2. Avoid contact with sick people
If you realize that your immune condition is not as good as others, you should avoid contact with people who are sick. Even if the person has only a cold or a cold.
The contact in question is not just touching the skin. But also avoid using the same cutlery and personal items, such as clothes or towels.

3. Maintain diet
For patients with low immune systems, doctors will usually recommend that you consume more fruits and vegetables that are rich in nutrients. But if you have a very bad immune system, for example, because you have cancer, there will be many dietary restrictions that you may have to follow.

4. Exercise regularly
The next way to increase endurance is to exercise. Exercise is good for releasing stress and blood circulation in the body.

However, for people with a low immune system, pay attention to the condition of your body, and do not force yourself. You should not exercise too often, avoid sports that require a lot of energy and limit the duration of the exercise.

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