Don’t Panic, Do the Following If a Car Strikes on the Road

The highway is a dangerous place and is full of traffic. Therefore, when activities on the highway, for example when driving a car, the driver must focus and be disciplined so as not to harm yourself and others. Apart from the driver factor, the condition of the car must also be considered. The risk of an accident not only occurs due to driver error but also the condition of vehicles that are not prime. When that happens, you don’t need to panic. For example, if a car suddenly stops or dies in the middle of the road, several things need to be done for the safety of yourself and other drivers. Much more you contact the Columbus towing company service to check some possibilities for damage to your car.

The first thing to do is calm down for a moment and turn on the hazard lights. This is useful to signal other drivers so that they immediately avoid your car and minimize the occurrence of collisions or accidents from behind. Hazard lights or commonly referred to as emergency lights function as a sign of an emergency experienced by the driver, such as changing a tire, a traffic accident, or breaking down in the middle of the road. So, don’t use hazard lights if it’s not in an emergency, because it will confuse other drivers. Next, take safety steps by directing your car to a safer place, such as on the shoulder of the road, emergency lanes, or other places to avoid other vehicles. If the place allows, try the left wheel more out of the shoulder of the road so that the position of the car is not too protruding into the road.

To bring the vehicle to a safe place, ask for help from others to push your car so that work gets lighter. But be careful when pushing it, always put your safety first. This is a continuation of the points above. If the road has no emergency lane, push the car to the left of the road and try to steer the vehicle to the nearest safe place. However, the driver must remain vigilant of the oncoming vehicle and keep the hazard lights on. These tips also apply to vehicles that have broken tires. If you feel you have not found a safe stop, try to keep pushing in the left lane. Do not force to change a tire if it is not in a safe place because it can be dangerous for safety.

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