Basic Archery Techniques For Beginners

Hunting is a fun archery activity because it is done in the wild, unlike archery in general. However, in its application to archery was not much different. This depends on the type of arrow used, usually when hunting people will use a crossbow or crossbow with scope to facilitate when hunting.

Well, in archery certainly use the basic archery techniques. Even in archery, there are many basic techniques, one of which is the basic technique of archery stance. How’s that?

The stance is the attitude or position of the foot when standing on the floor or ground. A good leg position when standing has 2 conditions, namely:

First Requirement: The point of weight when standing is supported by both feet in a balanced manner with a percentage of 60-70% resting on the ball of the foot while the remaining 30-40% rests on the heel.

Second Requirement: Body position must be balanced and upright. In the sense of not leaning forward or back and right and left sides.

To achieve a balanced body and correct standing, three things must be considered: the distance between the legs must be shoulder-width apart, the tip of the foot must touch the imaginary line in the middle of the target, and make sure both knees are relaxed (not tense).

Then, the correct posture in archery sports has 4 types, including:

Square or Parallel Stance is the position of the feet parallel to the floor. Namely by straightening both legs parallel to the target. While the position of the chest with a target forming a 90o angle.

Open Stance is the position of the foot towards the floor slightly wider. In the sense that the position of the right foot is slightly forward and the left foot is aligned with the target, slightly off to the left The body forms an angle of 60o.

Close Stance is the attitude or position of the feet when standing on the floor closed. The point is that the way the right toe touches the imaginary line and the heel of the left foot touches the imaginary line or is parallel to the right foot. The chest forms an angle of 120 degrees.

Oblique Stance is the opposite of closes stance which is the tip of the front foot parallel to the tip of the left foot with the direction towards the middle of the target. And the chest forms an angle of 45 degrees.

That is the basic stance technique that you can apply to. This technique is also usually done by fans when they are still in the learning phase.

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