Back Pain, One Cause of Disability

There are many causes of disability or disability-related to disease. Depression, stroke, and chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer are some of the diseases that cause disturbing daily activities. But there is one disease that is not realized is the cause of disability of most people in this world, namely back pain. To treat this, you can visit chiropractor singapore.

Data from the Global Burden of Disease Study shows, currently back and neck pain has risen to number 4 as a cause of disability, even though in 1990 it was still in the 10th position. Back pain, especially low back pain (low back pain) is a condition that can be caused by interference with complex spinal structures. Generally, it involves connective tissue, muscles, nerves, bones, discs, or tendons in the lumbar spine. Irritation or problems with one of these structures can cause low back pain and/or pain that spreads to other parts of the body. Sometimes, low back pain also causes muscle spasms, which cause severe pain and disability.

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