Adobe Flash Player And Suspicious Files Can Endanger Your PC

Adobe Flash Player is a plugin that is needed to run several flash applications such as videos, animations, games, and others. If we open a video on YouTube or a flash game and we have not installed a flash player, we will definitely be asked to install Adobe Flash Player first. But please also note, that Adobe Flash Player has many security holes. Unfortunately, if your system has been breached by a hacker and your OS is damaged severely, we suggest you bring it to Computer Repair Colorado Springs.

Even Apple, which used to use Adobe Flash Player to play flash content, has now even banned Adobe Flash Player from all of its products because of this security hole. So I suggest you avoid installing Adobe Flash Player and use browsers that can play media instead.

In addition to Adobe Flash player, you must also be on the lookout for suspicious files. On a computer, there are lots of files, whether it’s image files, music, documents, programs, or others. The source files are also varied, some are from the default Windows, internet, flash, and others. If you find a file that you didn’t recognize before, don’t open it right away, it could be a backdoor virus that allows hackers to access your computer. The virus can be inserted anywhere, and its size is very small around 73 KB if it is opened once then the virus will stick to the computer and cannot be stopped through the task manager because the virus inserts itself into other programs.

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